Free Verse vol. 3

Do you really see me
Or just look at me
I don’t really see me
Tell me what you see
Do you see a soul
Behind these distressed eyes
A void where my heart lies
The poison my kidneys filter
Time and time again
The redness of my eyes
From the many tears I cried
All the sleepless nights
I’ve had since we met
Cuts under my sleeve
That don’t have time to heal
Do I hide these things that well
Or do you only look at me
Not the pain that I cause
To myself on a daily basis
My soul is testing your subconscious
How can I know if you pass
If you don’t just look at me
And see who I really am
This is not fair of me
To test your soul like that
You chose me after all
That I put you through
Even if we part ways
I will carry the pain of that
But if we are to be one
You would not want to be treated
The way that I treat myself
So this is my plea to you
I can’t do this alone please
Save me from myself
To unite our souls
Until our last breath


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