Miracle Worker

Paint me on your canvas
How I really am
And not what you think
You may see before you
When you finish
Find me at the place with no shadows
I want to experience all at once
Your masterpiece of me

If I fail to be who you thought
Mold me like wet clay
You know me better than any can
Shape me into a better man
Shape me in your delicate hands
Oh miracle worker

I trust you to make the best of me
Once hardened by my environment
I became part of the plan
Without your involvement
I would be another clone
Walking this earth alone
Homeless without a bed
In a jail or dead
For you
Give this soul a purpose
If I weren’t so pompous
I would have known this sooner

If I became too hardened by this world
Chisel me with your love
For inside this hardened man
Exist the prefect lover
But only you can see that within me
Oh miracle worker


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