Perception Killed Trayvon Martin

We went from chained up to gold chains
but moved the chain to our necks
We are being set up by greed
all they need is rope to connect
Hanging blacks with perception
This is why we are not free
But we’re doing this to ourselves
and we are too blind to see
Perception is what killed Trayvon Martin
Zimmerman just touched the rope last
We cannot fix our future
without fixing the recent past
Whites are trained to fear blacks
We promote this through the airwaves
But when this fear turns into violence
We fight back in confused rage
All that does is confirm suspicion
Then a death is on our hands
We try to deflect the blame
from us to the white man
He proclaims self defense
and we cry racism
But we were racist first
Do you see the schism
We need to change how
people view other race
No one should harbor resentment
looking at a different colored face
Ignore someone’s skin color
and see them as another me
Don’t see them as that person
and repeat negative history


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