Time Flies (American Years)

Flowers flowers flowers flowers, sprouting from the April showers.
As we reach the month of May, all the rain goes away.
Anxiously awaiting summer, counting days is a bummer.
Now the month of June is here, everyone begins to cheer.
More time in the day for sunshine. I will make the best of mine.
Give my girl flowers from the spring. Wedding bells begin to ring.
Sun rays constantly in my eye, were in the middle of July.
Everything will be alright, great time for a water fight…

It’s August so kids are back in school. The air is slowly getting cool.
Now it’s time for the fall, summer weather closing call.
Six pm, it’s getting dark. Less time playing in the park.
For September I stay inside, from the cold I’m trying to hide.
Forecast of snow in October, trying to maintain my composure.
I can see the harvest moon. Fall will be over soon.
It’s November so winter is near, the coldest time of the year.
The wind chill is getting stronger. Shadows on the ground are longer.
Wow time flies, it’s now December. Last month is the start of winter.
Before January comes around, I watch the ball drop in my town.
10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1…

We’re entering a new year now. I’m sure I can keep my vows.
I wish we could skip February. This cold weather makes me weary.
Ground hog saw its shadow today, winter will be here to stay.
How can March have two seasons?
Never understood the reason.
Not sure when spring really starts, I can feel it in my heart.
No matter what I’ll be outside, from the indoors I will hide.
Nature is where I will be, so I can get a chance to see…


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