The White Clover Project: Phase 1

The White Clover Project

Having an identity involves more than understanding your inner self. It also involves influencing others to view you as YOU view yourself. But if you don’t like who you are on the inside…

Jessamy, a 17-year-old high school junior, is sick of people treating her like an outcast for being shy. She has an opportunity to change how she is viewed when her family moves to another part of town. She takes advantage of the move by leaving her unwanted identity behind. On her first day, Jessamy makes friends that would not have known she existed at her former school. A few days pass and she is invited to a party- for the first time. Jessamy sneaks out her house after-hours to attend. She converses with people, has a couple drinks, and enjoys herself. After leaving the party, having too much to drink, Jessamy finds herself in a situation that she would have avoided in her right mind state. During a moment of misjudgement, she unknowingly set off the first event that will soon place her life in the balance. Jessamy tries to resume normalcy the following week but her actions from that night catch up with her. She tries to make sense of everything going on at the expense of those she befriended with her assumed identity. At that moment, Jessamy goes from being an unlucky observer to the linchpin of the White Clover Project.

A telling look into the actions we take to be accepted by others before accepting ourselves, The White Clover Project is a story of seeking out the best person for each of us to display our desired identity.

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Free Verse vol. 9

While inside my mind
All the feelings I have perfectly explain
How much you mean to me
I group these feeling into thought
Before they are sent to my frontal lobe
From there the thought becomes
A perfect expression of my love for you
Then the expression passes by the first hurdle
My heart
It takes the expression and translates it to words
Most times
These words do not translate how I really feel
Something about you changed that
From my heart these words reach my diaphragm
Expanding my lungs to aid me in their delivery
As I begin to speak
My mouth cannot find the words
Instead of letting them free
I trap them in my mind
Trying to improve what was made perfect by you
This hesitation
Makes you believe that I do not care
You start to walk away
Then I try to build words directly from my feelings
They may not have been perfect
But that is how they worked
You turned back to me
As I told you from my feelings
I love you
May not have been the proper words to explain
The depth of all my feelings
But it kept you around for me to tell you
All the words that I wanted to say from my heart