Wisdom as Enlightenment

Wake Up In Death (Spy Girl)

Here I am. Laying in a puddle of my own blood. I should be depressed but I can’t help but feel relief. No more gun shots. No more explosions. No more hiding. I can finally relax. Still. I can’t believe that I ended up in this mess. Following a man that I don’t know. A man that I’m not sure if he loves me as much as I love him. I guess that I was more in love with the thrill than the man really. Why else would a gal like me put herself in harms way for a man she met not too long ago? Of course going into this relationship I heard of his reputation with women. Somehow he made me feel like I filled a special place in his heart. A place in his heart that has never been reached by another woman. I should have realized that I was just another one of his spy girls. Just thinking about his face when he sees me like this is satisfying. That is, if he decides to show. I hope that he takes a long look at what he has caused. A long enough look that it will keep him up at night. Hmmm. The stories he told me about how we were going to live our lives together after his mission still remain with me. He said that this is his last mission and that we would be able to live at his home in the country side. He told me that he would feed me grapes from his vineyard and that I can help tend to his thoroughbred horses. Well, there is no home for me. Not anymore. Just death. Just… He showed. Where were you when I was being killed? You told me to wait here! You promised to come back for me! These tears that you cry, they have come to late. Each drop is another lie to my face. You let me die before telling how you really felt. It’s too late for this now. What! You really mean it. If only I could have followed the dots. Then I would not have died in vain; in pain, emotionally. Now say goodbye. At least I can parish knowing that you tried. Tried to make me believe that your feelings for me were genuine and that I was not just another spy girl.

Fighting For Her Trust (Again)

Waiting behind this door
like a man standing at the altar
Five days, nine hours and counting
Just to see your face again
Until you show I’m not leaving
Hope you arrive before I faint again

I hear foot steps on the way
I am awake
or in another dream again
Pinched myself and it’s still day
Please let her believe
what I have to say

It’s good to see your face again
Put your hand on my chest
and feel my heart race again
Every time you leave my sight
I hit that lonely place again
Please stay in my life
To keep my heart safe again
If we break up
I may try to kill myself again
Sorry for the wrong I did
Tell me
Do you want to see my face again;
If not
I hope we can be friends again
If you do
I will not make this mistake again
Before you answer
Let me say I love you again
I love you
Even if you don’t believe me again

Miracle Worker

Paint me on your canvas
How I really am
And not what you think
You may see before you
When you finish
Find me at the place with no shadows
I want to experience all at once
Your masterpiece of me

If I fail to be who you thought
Mold me like wet clay
You know me better than any can
Shape me into a better man
Shape me in your delicate hands
Oh miracle worker
I trust you to make the best of me
Once hardened by my environment
I became part of the plan
Without your involvement
I would be another clone
Walking this earth alone
Homeless with no bed
In a jail or dead
For you
Give this soul a purpose
If I weren’t so pompous
I would have known this sooner

If I became to hardened by this world
Chisel me with your love
For inside this hardened man
Exist the prefect lover
But only you can
See that within me
Oh miracle worker

Shadow Lust

Let’s make my shadow jealous
By the love we make
With the sound we make
No longer satisfied being there
It will want to stroke your hair
Feel all of your curves
Make your flesh tingle
Get inside your body
Instead of your shadow
on the cold wall

To be honest
I’m jealous of my shadow
So elegant are its movements
Even when I stumble;
I get angry with
The way it touches you
How it makes your shadow quiver
It can feel you in ways
I can only dream of
Shadow of mine
Let me into your world

I want to feel her shadow
Let me
If only for one day
So we can shadow dance on the ceiling
Lock lips until we fade away after sunset
Just to reappear and continue in the moonlight
Please let me shadow of mine

Why do you mock me
What did I do
Stop mimicking my movements
I’m trying to appease you
Why, why, why
Are you doing this
Is this your way of saying
Keep away from your lover
I brought her into your world
And I want every part of her
Step aside because she’s mine;
You dare stand up to me
We will see
Who gets the last laugh

Writing Tip #1

Write a chapter or scene when you are feeling the opposite mood of what you are going to write.

Example: If you need to write a scene that has an angry tone, write it when you are feeling peaceful so that you will not be satisfied with what you write unless your mood shifts after finishing it. If you write a scene with an angry tone while angry, anything you write will sound good to you and will not have the same emotional impact on anyone that is not otherwise angry while reading the scene.


Lust for you all day
Stalk you all night
See your favorite places
See your every sight
I wanted to enter into your world
I’m tired of feeling like a stranger
That’s why I decided to get (closer)

Took a picture of your room
to put everything back as if I wasn’t there
I would sit in your closet as you fixed your hair
Until you found me there
So I choked you with my hand
Then you died but that wasn’t the plan
I just wanted to get (closer)

My heart stopped with your death
Inhaling through your mouth to get (closer)
To your breath;
I my have lost your soul
But now I have a new goal
Harvest your organs to get (closer)
To you;

I know that your blood type is B
This will not work you see
My blood type is A
So I have to find a way
to replace your blood with mine to get (closer)
To your soul;
That’s what you would have wanted
And what I want with you
Thinking out your thoughts because we’re (closer)

So I can leave your brain
Our minds are now the same
Why did you lie to me
You wanted us to get (closer)
from the start
I can feel it on your heart
Grabbed every possible organ I could choose
I even walked out in your shoes
Just to remain forever (closer)
To you;
All along I wanted to get (closer)

My Creative Process

First write a word. Create a phrase with the word. Then let the phrase become a thought. After that the thought will become an idea. This idea will become a plot. The plot will become an outline. Then your outline will become a story. Decide where you want the story to begin. Write until you cannot write anymore. Proofread, proofread, proofread. Then walla; you have your first sentence.

The Tenth Intelligence (excerpt)

Scientist 1: This subject seems to understand things in ways that deviate from the eight intelligences.

Scientist 2: Maybe this is an example of the proposed ninth intelligence.

Scientist 1: Gardner described that theoretical intelligence as someone who is concerned with fundamental questions about existence or one who questions the intricacies of existence. I’m not getting that feel from this subject. His method of understanding seems more grounded.

Scientist 2: You are not hinting at a tenth intelligence. What could that even possible be?

Scientist 1: It is hard to come to that conclusion this early in the experiment but we cannot rule that out as a possibility. This subject does not display the ability to learn through numbers, design, or music. He does not have a feel for his own self or the ability to communicate with others. He is out of touch with his facial expressions and displays unique mannerisms. He doesn’t seem to understand anything that we teach but he is able to adapt to the different challenges and test that we put him through. Something that we are doing is reaching what ever method of intelligence that works best for him. We just have to find it.

Scientist 2: It’s almost as if he knows… everything; without even realizing it. The more we push him to exhibiting any of the eight intelligences, the more… Wait. I’m beginning to sense a pattern here.

Scientist 1: What is this pattern?

Scientist 2: I’m not sure if I’m right about it but I will definitely know after the next test. If I’m right about this then the idea of a tenth intelligence will not be as farfetched as it seems.

Scientist 1: Alright. Time to bring the subjects back into the room.

Perception Killed Trayvon Martin

We went from chained up to gold chains
but moved the chain to our necks
We are being set up by greed
all they need is rope to connect
Hanging blacks with perception
This is why we are not free
But we’re doing this to ourselves
and we are too blind to see
Perception is what killed Trayvon Martin
Zimmerman just touched the rope last
We cannot fix our future
without fixing the recent past
Whites are trained to fear blacks
We promote this through the airwaves
But when this fear turns into violence
We fight back in confused rage
All that does is confirm suspicion
Then a death is on our hands
We try to deflect the blame
from us to the white man
He proclaims self defense
and we cry racism
But we were racist first
Do you see the schism
We need to change how
people view other race
No one should harbor resentment
looking at a different colored face
Ignore someone’s skin color
and see them as another me
Don’t see them as that person
and repeat negative history


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